Dive In – What are you waiting for!

Welcome to Island Watersports Dive Centre in Lanzarote

So, you have decided to try scuba diving while on holiday, diving in Lanzarote is easy and amazing.

Our Try Dive experience takes around 2.5 hours and at only 55€ per person it will be one of the highlights of your holiday.

We brief you on land and introduce you to the equipment you will be using before heading out to our local house reef.

All our beginner dives and courses are carried out in small groups, max 2 people per Instructor;  your safety is our No1 priority at all times.

Remember we fully understand that you may be nervous, there is no rush – relax and enjoy.

We have put together some pictures to show you a little of what to expect.

OK, now that you are comfortable on land, lets get you into the sea to start your underwater adventure !

Time for those first breaths underwater and again there is no rush so just relax and breathe, once you are happy and comfortable we can descend a little deeper to try some basic skills. Don’t worry – we practise the skills in shallow water so you can stand up at any time.

 Your first dive is very special, take it easy and enjoy looking at our underwater world, there is so much to see, it really is a fantastic experience. Dive time is around 45 minutes.

So there you have it, a little preview of what your first dive involves, we  hope this encourages you to give scuba diving  a try. There really is a truly amazing world down there and it is waiting for you.

Email us at info@divelanzarote.com.

  Check out our website http://www.divelanzarote.com

Island Watersports Lanzarote | Dive In – What are you waiting for!
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