Lanzarote Dive Sites

Lanzarote has an amazing variety of dive sites for all levels of diver to explore. Choose from the lovely, gentle shore dives of El Poril and Playa Chica to the less travelled hidden treasures of the north for our more experienced divers.

Geocache LogoDid you know that Lanzarote has underwater Geocaches? Ask us for details.

We have listed some of the popular sites below but for a more in-depth view, check out Lanzarote Ideal online, this diving guide to Lanzarote provides a great look at what our beautiful island has to offer.  And Yes,  it is Island Watersports very own Georg Reichlemann who is mentioned in the Gratitude section.


The Blue Hole
El Poril/Black Beach
The Cathedral
The Harbour Wrecks
Playa Flamingo
Museo Atlántico
Northern Lanzarote Sites


Flora & Fauna that you can see in and around the dive sites of Lanzarote – click on a picture to begin slide show.

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