Never Too Old!

The guest blogger this month is our very own Ailsa ‘Granny’ Pearce. Ailsa has worked in the diving business in Lanzarote for many years and made lots of friends along the way.

It is easy to see how passionate Ailsa is about Lanzarote both on land and under the sea.She always joins us on  PADI Womens Dive Day and  Ocean Clean Up Dives to keep our beautiful play ground a clean and healthy enviroment.

Ailsa now dives for fun and is such an ambassador for the sport. All our divers love chatting with  her, Granny’s stories are always the best!

Photo’s courtesy of Ailsa’s dive buddies , Marie Hanson and John Rayner.


Yesterday, I was driving towards the beautiful Ajache Mountains in Lanzarote on my way to Puerto Calero marina.I was struck by the breath taking views, Los Lobos Island, Fuerteventura beaches, glistening and seductive, and the mountains themselves basking in the midday sun.For the last 15 years I have revelled in the joys of life in Lanzarote, and with the stunning vista facing me on my drive I reflected on how fortunate I was to end up here.


My life has led me down many paths, and a lot of them via my sport, but the one thing I’d always wanted to do but never had, was to scuba dive! Like many, the quotes and magical films of Jacques Cousteau, Lloyd Bridges, Hans and Lottie Hass, had fired my imagination. A sequence of circumstances led me to begin my dream at the ripe old age of 59. Ridiculous, said some, a new hobby at your age should be knitting or painting! But undaunted I wanted to have a go!

That was the beginning of a new life for me! A new world of wonder, a new outlook on our messed up world and a new meaning to my whole being began!

So, and as not to bore you, I set off to learn to dive. I was anxious to become competent and self sufficient as am very competitive (sporty background) and need to be totally comfortable in what is an alien environment to air breathing man! I just loved it, actually feeling more at home under the waves than above and still do! It was the start of an incredible journey, one I am still enjoying!


I had a couple of blips when I had to remain above water for a few weeks, which delayed my goal of 2000 dives in 10 years but I achieved it in the end, albeit with a few extra weeks needed to complete!

So, the purpose of this ditty, for those intrigued, is to say that whatever your dreams may be, they are possible, just hold on to them and go for it! Age is NO barrier! Live the dream, dive the dream, I did and still do!

If your dream is to see the hidden underwater world, Island Water Sports is a good place to begin! You will receive informed and inspiring instruction measured to your individual progress and understanding, because, this is a sport where insufficient training and knowledge can be life threatening, so tailored teaching is essential.

All Island Watersports dives are carried out in small groups, whether it’s your first dive or your 1000th.


Right!!! Off you go!!!! I’m driving past my beautiful mountains again, on my way to…..?  Yes!!! Of course!!! To get my gills wet!! You are never too old to try something new!



Museo Atlantico Awards

Island Watersports are delighted to be awarded Best Operating Company and Best Eco Dive Guide in the Museo Atlantico Winter 2017-2018 awards.

Grateful thanks to all our divers for completing the survey and providing feedback.

The Museo Atlantico dive is becoming one of our most popular dives and it is not difficult to see why.

Since the first installation in 2016 the sealife around the statues has grown to provide an  amazing display of marine life.

We dive the museum every week of the year so if you haven’t visited yet give us a call. Set in an area of 50 x 50meters at around 12 meters depth this is an ideal dive site suitable for all level of divers.

Did you know that you can also dive the Museo Atlantico even if you have never dived before?

Ask us about our Museo Atlantico Experience for non divers, after two training dives you can enjoy a guided dive to the Museo Atlantico, Europes first underwater museum.

Now that is what makes a holiday special!


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