Ocean Clean Up Dive

At Island Watersports Lanzarote we take our responsibility to the enviroment very seriously and carry out Ocean Rescue, clean up dives every few months. We do our best to keep the beautiful Atlantic Ocean around Lanzarote as clear of rubbish and plastic as possible. Scuba diving in Lanzarote is a very popular sport and the area around Puerto Del Carmen boasts some of the best dive sites on the island.

Our last Ocean clean up dive of the year was a great success. We targeted the area of Black Beach in Puerto Del Carmen where we collected 5 full bags of plastic, drink cans and other debris from along the harbour wall, over the arena to the drop off.

During the dive our divers took great care to ensure that no sea life was actually living in the cans and bottles we removed, they did have to relocate a few baby octopus.

Check out our facebook page for all the great pictures (full album on flickr) and keep following us  for details of our  next Ocean Clean Up dive, all certified divers are welcome to join us and we supply tanks and weights for FREE.

Finally, a huge thank you our wonderful scuba diving volunteers, Ocean Heroes, John, Ailsa, Ian, Michael and Iain, a fantastic job guys, well done!


Island Watersports Lanzarote | Ocean Clean Up Dive
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